Meeting the needs of our clients
through quality and design


Meeting the needs of our clients by creating products of optimum quality and stylish design is our primary goal. Our process combines aesthetic beauty and practicality in the development of innovative products that delight consumers and offer manufacturers every advantage of science and experience.

INOAC uses a highly refined stretch blow process and PET plastic to create cosmetic containers in a variety of shapes and colors. We have a broad selection of stock items as well as the capability to design and custom mold bottles and jars.

INOAC Packaging Group works closely with clients from the initial design and manufacturing stages through to the delivery of products.

By utilizing technology such as e-mail and the electronic submission of drawings and specifications, Inoac is able to work with clients from anywhere in the world.

During each stage of production, items are inspected to make certain they meet our rigorous criteria for consistent thickness, dimensions, accurate print registration, quality, clarity and more.

INOAC tests its products for stability and product compatibility before samples are ever sent to customers, thus ensuring that only the highest premium product is delivered to our customers.


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