Cell Damper

Cell Damper

High Density and Slow Recovery
Anti-Vibration Polyurethane Foam


CELLDAMPER is a foamed Polyurethane Elastomer developed for vibration
damping and to reduce oscillation. The material is used in various fields for its
superior anti-vibration performance which is not achievable with traditional foam.
In order to meet our customer requirements, INOAC has developed 4 product
types that may be fabricated into various thickness and dimensions.

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Minimum Thickness: 1mm  – Width: 500 mm

Maximum Thickness: 60 mm  – Width: 1000 mm


Absorbs impact by superior dampening performance

Silicone-free, Sulfer-free, Halogen-free

Low temperature dependency and slow recovery

Low deformation polyurethane foam



  • Heliport
  • Wood deck of roof
  • Wind turbine generator
  • Anti-Vibration mat of construction machinery

Automotive – Railway

  • Door Cushioning
  • Roof Cushioning
  • Battery unit
  • Rail Pad

General instrumentation

  • MRI
  • Transformer
  • Generator
  • Hydraulic unit


  • HDD damper
  • Relay

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