Compression With Integrity


Looking for tensile, tear strength and/or superior filtration?  FeltCrest compressed polyurethane foam is a unique, flexible foam material that has been permanently compressed to a predetermined thickness to provide many unique characteristics and special advantages.  Among these advantages are uniform texture, high strength, and excellent filtration properties.

Additionally, the product’s lint-free characteristics permit use of FeltCrest materials for many applications such as printing, electronics, and medical for which other materials such as felted natural or synthetic cloths are simply not as suitable.


HIGH VOID VOLUME AND UNIFORM POROSITY are ideal properties for reservoiring, wicking, and metering applications.  Depending upon the compression ratio used to produce FeltCrest, void volumes as high as 95% are possible.  The compression ratio determines FeltCrest’s properties for high efficiency storage and delivery of liquids of different viscosities and types.

NON DIRECTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS AND UNIFORM TEXTURE are ideal for ink rollers.  There are no weft and warp directions, machine or cross machine directions, permitting FeltCrest’s orientation in any length/width plane.

SUPERIOR FILTRATION QUALITIES result from the ability to custom tailor FeltCrest with specific compression ratios and finished thicknesses.  The higher the compression ratio, the more cells per inch of thickness, resulting in a more rigorous flow path and more impingement surfaces to trap particulate matter.

FELTCREST FOAMS EXHIBIT EXCEPTIONAL BREATHABILITY, wicking, capillary action, and high strength while maintaining  high void volume  and fine cell diameters.

LINTING PROBLEMS ARE VIRTUALLY ELIMINATED with FeltCrest which is made of a continuously connected strand structure with no beginning or end.  Without finite strands to shake loose (as in fiber belts), linting does not occur.


Most applications for FeltCrest compressed foam are for filtration, reservoiring, metering, wicking, gasketing, backing, cushioning, and sound absorption.

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