Ideally Structured… Extraordinarily Versatile


Some products address a market need, other products make you rethink the market overall.  FilterCrest is such a product.  Unlike conventional filter media such as synthetic fiber mats, woven and non-woven fabrics, and fiberglass, FilterCrest is ideally structured for filtration.  Through special thermal reticulation techniques that we’ve developed over the years, we are able to produce a family of flexible skeletal foam structures without cell membranes. The result is an “open pore” foam that exhibits many unique characteristics such as consistent pore size and offers many special advantages such as durability, particularly for filtration applications of all kinds.

The different polymer types available, combined with a range of pore sizes within each type, provide unprecedented versatility, controlled permeability, and design flexibility.


FILTERCREST IS STRONG, EASILY FABRICATED, AND DEPENDING ON GRADE, RESISTANT to many chemicals, cleaning agents, solvents, acids, and alkalis.

OUTSTANDING PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF FILTERCREST include high tensile, elongation, and tear properties, allowing a variety of fabrication techniques such as cutting, shaping, stapling, tacking, stitching, cementing, laminating and grommeting.

FILTERCREST MATERIALS ARE CONSIDERED “NON-NUTRIENTS” – they are not ingested by microbial organisms and are available with permanent fungicidal/bacteracidal additives for enhanced antimicrobial activity.

UNUSUAL FILTRATION REQUIREMENTS - FILTERCREST foams may be used in combination with each other or with other types of media for special needs.

TYPICAL CONFIGURATIONS INCLUDE BUNS, SHEETS, ROLLS AND DIECUTS – complex, compound shapes are easily obtained.  Configuration into virtually any size or shape is achievable to meet a precise requirement.


FilterCrest reticulated foam is used on, in, or around thousands of products serving consumers, business, industry, health core, research, and armed forces around the world. Typical filtering applications are found in automotive, appliance small engine, and ceramic filters, among others.

FilterCrest materials are also used for microphone windscreens, supermarket refrigerated counter mats, fluid applicators, demisters and coalesces sewage treatment (microbial substrate), and in literally hundreds of other products or processes.

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