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SafeCrest reticulated polyurethane foams for explosion suppression and surge/noise mitigation are unique materials for use in any vehicle where the possibility of fuel tank explosion exists, or where surge/noise mitigation is required.

SafeCrest may be easily fabricated into any configuration to conform inside a complex rigid or flexible bladder-type fuel tank.

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MITIGATES FUEL SPRAY in the event of fuel tank rupture from compressive forces.

EFFECTIVELY BAFFLES FUEL to control surging and eliminate sloshing.  Improves handling in high performance vehicles; eliminates fuel “slapping” noise in tank.

QUICK, EASY INSTALLATION without special tools or skills; fuel wetting and low swelling characteristics of SafeCrest insure a snug fit without the need for oversizing of foam.  SafeCrest can be retrofitted to existing fuel tanks.

LOWEST LOGISTICS SUPPORT – Once installed inside a fuel tank or cell, there’s no need for any external supportive equipment such as required by gas inerting systems.

COST-EFFECTIVE -  Lowest initial cost of any system offering explosion protection; lowest cost to maintain, and low weight penalty.

PREVENTS CATASTROPHIC EXPLOSIONS of ignited fuel vapors in the tank caused by electrical arcing, overheating of internal components, lightning strikes, or by static electrical discharge.

MAINTENANCE-FREE — SafeCrest contains no moving parts or electrical devices.

PASSIVE OPERATION — SafeCrest requires no action by operators or crews.  It is effective 100% of the time and doesn’t need control devices or trigger mechanisms.  SafeCrest continues to work as long as it is present and intact.

EFFICACY (explosion suppression) is unaffected by fuel tank punctures, ruptures, fuel level, speed, attitude or altitude.

MAY BE FABRICATED INTO ANY SHAPE conforming to internal structural members and components such as pumps, valves, sensors, filters, fuel lines, etc.
Note: We do not recommend SafeCrest to be used with fuel containing alcohol.


Fuel tanks of aircraft, boats, military vehicles, competition and emergency
vehicles, automobiles and trucks.


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