Types of Foam

Types of Foam

Crest reticulated foam materials are unique and extraordinarily versatile

Crest foam products can be fabricated (or combined with other materials) into virtually any configuration for use in thousands of different products and applications.

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Crest Flexible Polyurethane Foam


SafeCrest Foams

Reticulated polyurethane foam for explosion suppression and surge/noise mitigation.


Specialty polyurethane foams with either consistent fine cells or “double cells” for a natural sponge look provide superior tensile strength and durability even when saturated.


FeltCrest compressed polyurethane foam is a unique, flexible foam material that has been permanently compressed to a predetermined thickness to provide many unique characteristics and special advantages.

Medical Foams

The tailored micro-cellular matrix of reticulated polyurethane foams and specialty polyurethane foams provide excellent filtering, wicking, hydrophilic, and tensile properties for medical needs. These products provide unique characteristics and special advantage.


Unlike conventional filter media such as synthetic fiber mats, woven and non-woven fabrics, and fiberglass, FilterCrest is ideally structured for filtration.

New Materials

INOAC continues to innovate at record speeds. We can help your ideas become real.


From the backyard, to the back of the boat, to the mattresses down below, EZ-Dri polyether-polyurethane foam provides long lasting comfort and durability combined with extremely fast drying properties.
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