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INOAC combines its first-in-class technological expertise and worldwide network of materials development capability to satisfy the diverse needs of the automotive and transportation industry — with a continued focus on safety, aesthetics, comfort, and value. As a supplier of interior and exterior automobile components, INOAC appreciates the need to exceed the manufacturing challenges of excellent value, on-time delivery, and zero defects. With its proven track record and its numerous manufacturing locations around the world, INOAC is able to offer its customers a truly global solution. As important as safety, quality, and delivery is to INOAC, so is its due diligence — INOAC is continually work with its strategic partners to develop new materials and manufacturing processes that will lead to better, safer vehicles and a more cost-efficient operation.


Heavy industry shapes the world around us and it has a significant impact on the community and the surrounding environment. INOAC has committed extensive resources to expanding its lineup of solutions against noise and vibration generated by industry, thereby reducing the burdens on individuals, the surrounding community, and the environment as much as possible.


INOAC materials are found in a large array of products that consumers use on a daily basis. Our foam products are used to protect electronics in shipping, as well as to provide shock absorption during use. Numerous office equipment including, inkjet cartridges and laser printers, rely on INOAC products to provide the very best in reservoiring and consistent ink application. Our foam products are also uniquely ideal for cosmetic applicators.


The tailored micro-cellular matrix of INOAC medical foam is an ideal controlled delivery structure for a wide range of active agents. Our foams tear resistance allows it to be fabricated into almost any configuration by shaping, stitching, cementing, and other techniques. INOAC medical foam is a thin membrane of polyurethane encapsulating a network of open cells. INOAC’s reticulation technology removes the membranes of the foam allowing for a completely open-pore foam with a skeletal structure through which fluids and gasses easily pass. Pore size can be precisely governed for permeability control and design flexibility, as well as an aesthetic appearance whenever needed.

PET Packaging

The mold-ability of PET material provides the ability to create unique packages that are totally customized to our clients’ precise specifications. INOAC Packaging Group works closely with clients during all stages of a project from initial concept to 3D CAD, 3D prototype mold, package sampling, and decoration application. Our goal is to make certain that your one-of-a-kind package meets and exceeds your expectation.

Global Markets

INOAC supports a better and more comfortable life through products and solutions by developing functional materials with diverse usages, purposes, and properties. Across the globe, we provide our customers with a large variety of high-performance materials, including polyurethane, elastomer, plastics, and composites based on those materials. These materials are produced with polymer technology cultivated over a long period of time that continues to evolve through excellent research and development initiatives.