INOAC is the global leader in solutions for the Automotive industry.

Innovation and Action

INOAC combines its first-in-class technological expertise and worldwide network of materials development capability. This allows us to satisfy the diverse needs of the Automotive and Transportation industry — with a continued focus on safety, aesthetics, comfort, and value. As a supplier of interior and exterior automobile components, INOAC appreciates the need to exceed the manufacturing challenges of excellent value, on-time delivery, and zero defects. With its proven track record and its numerous manufacturing locations around the world, INOAC is able to offer its customers a truly global solution. As important as safety, quality, and delivery is to INOAC, so is its due diligence. INOAC continually works with its strategic partners to develop new materials and manufacturing processes that will lead to better, safer vehicles and a more cost-efficient operation.

Solutions Developed by INOAC