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Polyurethane / Foams

From its humble beginnings, polyurethane foam continues to improve quality of life by being one of the most versatile polymers in the world. Polyurethane foam is unique because it can be custom tailored to fit any application by simply altering the makeup of its own raw materials.  Whether providing superior cushioning, improved automobile safety, better noise control, protection for our soldiers, or faster healing of wounds, INOAC is the global leader in custom tailoring polyurethane foams to turn ideas in reality.


INOAC offers many functional plastics materials utilizing our compound technologies, foaming technologies, and specialized evaluation techniques. INOAC also offers clean, eco-friendly, resin materials, and our range of applications is always expanding. INOAC plastics are utilized in fields close to your daily life, such as automotive parts, pipes for housing construction, and PET cosmetic bottles. INOAC is established across the globe in developing new materials, leading to better and safer products.


INOAC started as a business producing tires and tubes for bicycles. Since then, we have developed numerous materials and products to meet our customers’ demands, by utilizing rubber compound technologies that have been cultivated for over decades of continuous research and development. INOAC rubber products have expanded into a wide variety of fields, such as industrial applications including heavy construction machinery, inflation materials, sealing materials for housing and electrical products, and cosmetic puffs for daily use.


INOAC continues to engage in extensive research and development for new composites and new materials based on polyurethane, plastic, and elastomers. As a leading global material manufacturer, INOAC will continue innovating with new materials to improve their functions and expand their applications in an aim to contribute to the achievement of a bright and prosperous future harmonized with nature and the environment. INOAC produces many functional materials such as thermal insulation boards for building construction and very light CFRP that can be easily fabricated.

Building Materials

INOAC provides high-quality and diverse product lines to build safe and comfortable living areas, office environments, and to support the establishment and maintenance of infrastructure. We will continue contributing to achieving an abundant and sustainable society through products for living environments and infrastructure-related use with a  supreme focus on the environment, labor-saving construction, energy conservation, and durability.