Hydrophilic SAQ Series

Hydrophilic SAQ Series

Hydrophilic, non-swelling
Biocompatible Foam


Hydrophilic SAQ Series is a hydrophilic, non-swelling, biocompatible foam for advanced wound care.  The product is supplied in standard and antimicrobial* grades.


Does not swell when saturated

Higher strength when wet compared to other hydrophilic foams

ISO 10993 Biocompatible

Proven effective and safe using “Silver” technology

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* Crest Foam Industries, Inc., has developed the “AG” series of foam products infused with certain EPA and FDA approved antimicrobial additives. These antimicrobial agents are incorporated within the foam polymer as a protective material to inhibit the growth of specific molds, mildews, and bacteria on the foam product itself. (For specific performance details of the “AG” series foams, please refer to the Crest Foam Industries, Inc., Technical Bulletin.)


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