Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Biocompatible Reticulated Foam
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy


Since entering the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Market in Spring 2011, INOAC Technical Products has produced hundreds of thousands of NPWT pads, both standard and antimicrobial* grades. We have produced these pads with a variety of our ISO 10993-1 compliant foams for NPWT customers in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

Appreciating the integrity required to meet and exceed standards, our manufacturing process is done with precision equipment. Controlled environment fabrication is used in steps throughout the process, and material is frequently inspected and all dimensions are carefully measured and recorded. Even block preparation is a controlled process.  Tailoring the final deliverable is also a possibility (e.g., some customers require custom colors).

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Reticulated PU foam, perfectly opened-cell

ISO 10993 biocompatible

Proven effective and safe using patented “Silver” technology


* Crest Foam Industries, Inc., has developed the “AG” series of foam products infused with certain EPA and FDA approved antimicrobial additives. These antimicrobial agents are incorporated within the foam polymer as a protective material to inhibit the growth of specific molds, mildews, and bacteria on the foam product itself. (For specific performance details of the “AG” series foams, please refer to the Crest Foam Industries, Inc., Technical Bulletin.)


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