Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene Foam

Providing a Series of Polyethylene Foams



Low density polyethylene is mixed with a foaming agent and other components, and heat decomposed foaming agent to obtain polyethylene foam. While it has similar characteristics to both polyurethane foam and rubber sponge, it is superior to polyurethane foam in chemical resistance and weather resistance.

There are five products/series of polyethylene offered by INOAC: low foaming, high foaming, conductive type, open-cell, sheet.


Low Foaming ratio Series – This foam is relatively hard, has excellent weatherability, and can withstand heavy loads.

High Foaming Ratio Series – This foam has a high foaming ratio and is extremely flexible and smooth surface compared to one stage foaming products.

Conductive Type – This is a lower electrical resistance type attained using conductive additives.

Open-cell Products – Open-cell polyethylene foam with higher sealing and sound absorbing properties.

Sheet Products – Long Sheet products that can be fabricated with a wide range of processes, such as vacuum forming or laminate processing.


Low Foaming ratio Series
Building Joint Sealant / Shipping Cartons / Cassette Cases Buffer / Inner Lining for Tool Cases / Book Case Buffer / Beat Boards / Civil Engineering Joint Sealant/ Toys (ST Mark certified)

High Foaming Ratio Series
Buffer Materials for Shipping Cartons / Cassette Cases Buffer / Book Cases Buffer / Toys

Conductive Type
Covers of Conductive Cases / Buffer Material for IC Transport Cases

Cell Products
Automobile Sound Absorbing / Sealants / Air conditioner Air Seals / Car Wax Sponge/ Body Sponges / Stamp Pad Cores / Building Joint Sealant / Civil Engineer Joint Sealant

Sheet Products
Thermal Insulation for Bending board / Automobile Headliner Material / Automobile Door Trim / Airconditioner Heat Insulation / Fruit Packaging Material / Double-Sided Tape

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