Microcellular polymer sheets bring foams to the realm of high precision.


Our Poron and NanNex products are manufactured through a technical partnership between INOAC and Rogers Corporation, with Rogers Corporation managing the US distribution rights. These foams are characterized by their excellent energy absorption, reliability for precise measurements, and sag resistance.


Minimal compression set (does not sag)
Keep rebound property for long term and no feelings of “bottoming out” when in use.

Excellent energy absorption
Rapidly absorbs shock and vibration.

High rebound and superior sealing properties
Suppresses rattles and shuts out air, sound, and light.

No pollution
Will not change (degrade) the properties of the contact materials.


Excellent heat and cold resistance
Compared to plastic foams, NanNex has excellent heat and cold resistance, making it for use in applications with a broad range of temperatures.

Excellent weatherability
Due to its excellent weatherability, NanNex can be used for long periods of time.

Excellent flame retardancy
Compared to other plastic foam, NanNex has excellent heat resistance and flame retardancy.

Minimal compression set
Compared to other foams, this material exhibits minimal sag.

Roll products and composite products are available
A special manufacturing process allows us to supply this foam in long sheets. Moreover, it can be combined with other materials by lamination.

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