Rubber Sponge

Rubber Sponge

Answering the needs of the industry.


Synthetic or natural rubber are mixed with a foaming agent and other components and heated to produce rubber sponge. Due to its light weight and toughness, rubber sponge is widely used for automotive, office equipment, public works and construction, packaging, sports other advanced applications.


Lightweight and Durable.
Lightweight, with high tear and other physical strengths.

Thermal insulation
With low thermal conductivity, it is an excellent heat retention material.

Low water absorption
The closed cell structure prevents water absorption.

Shock Absorption
With optimum shock absorbing property, it serves as a great buffer material.

Excellent weatherability. EPDM-based and NBR-based sponges show no failures after a 72 hour ozone resistance test (50pphm×38°C 20% elongation)

Low Combustion
Certified Flame retardant test such as UL94 HF-1 for CR based sponge and UL94 HBF for EPDM based sponge(E-4382,E-4338 and F4238)


Wrapping and packing
Used as a buffer material when transporting precision equipment, furniture, and glass / Used to protect fragile electrical equipment / Other.

Civil engineering and construction
Residential panel joint sealant / Residential sash and door packing / Concrete anti-expansion pads / Open waterways joint sealant / Miscellaneous building joint sealant / Other

Vehicles and ocean vessels
Door packing / Trunk seals / Bonnet cushioning pads / Duct seals and lamp gaskets / Engine anti-vibration material / Buffer in meters / Packing / Other

Thermal Insulation and Heat Retention
Air conditioner insulation seals / Seals in refrigerators, freezers, and showcases / Other

Sound Insulation / Moisture Prevention
Sealing material machinery sound proofing / Packing for residential wall sound proofing / Water and moisture prevention in electronic equipment / Moisture prevention packing for various machine / Other

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