Thermal insulation materials

Innovation and Action

Piping insulation materials for various pipes. Wide range of lineup corresponding to each insulation capacity upon request.




Extrusion molding technology, urethane and polyethylene foaming technologies


Wide variety

Lineup of insulation materials includes polyethylene foam, rigid urethane foam, isocyanate foam, polyamide foam rubber foam etc. in accordance with its purpose of use.

Flame retardant grade

Lineup equivalent to pass a fire resistance test (UL94 HF-1).Fire-resistance Light Tube- Fire-resistance Tainetsu (heat- resistant) Tube

High temperature resistance grade product

Lineup includes highly heat-resistant products made from polyamide foam.Highly heat-resistant Light Cover Z

High weather resistance grade

Lineup includes products with long-term weather resistance by applying ultraviolet-deterioration-protection on the surface of polyethylene foam.Highly Weather-resistant Light Tube

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