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Special Foams


Unique Products


MAPS – Open Cell Porous Material

These environment-friendly open-cell porous products have freely controllable cell diameter which is created by extracting the nuclear agent. By changing the base resin, the products exhibiting a wide variety of features can be attained.


The cell diameter can be selected
By selecting the size of nuclear agents, the cell diameter (10?250μm) can be freely controlled.

  • Filtration
    By varying the cell (pore) diameter, MAPS can capture a variety of foreign objects.
  • Stable Liquid Permeability
    By varying the cell (pore) size, the liquid permeability can be optimized to the application.

The resin can be selected
By selecting an olefin-based resin or various other resins, the products exhibiting properties of the specific resin can be attained and tailored to the application.

  • Solvent and Chemical Resistance
    By selecting an olefin-based resin, the resistance to solvents and chemicals can be raised.
  • Flexibility
    Because you can choose the resin, a wide range of open-cell porous products with resin specific properties can be created.
  • High Absorption
    By water absorption treatment, excellent absorption properties can be achieved.

Because organic solvents are not used in the manufacturing process, this product is particularly environment-friendly.

  • Lint-free
    Using proprietary Formulating techniques and manufacturing process. The material itself becomes lint-free.
  • Recyclables
    Using an olefin-based resin, excellent recycling properties can be obtained.

Soft Touch
By control the cell size control (fine cell), a highly flexible material with an excellent texture can be achieved.


Office Appliance
Wiping materials used in cleaning rooms / cleaning rollers / high ink absorbers / ink cartridge filter.

Liquid medicine exuding pads / pads to stop bleeding / Gas-Liquid separation filters (indwelling needle filters) / patch medicine, liquid absorbent goods for medical use.

Office supplies (pen grips, permeable stamp pads) / Cosmetics (puffs / eye color tips)


Melamine Foam – Basotect

A soft, lightweight flexible foam with excellent heat-resistance and insulation properties.  This foam, leveraging the properties of melamine resin and its fine cell structure, is extremely flame resistant. Due to its processability and extreme lightness from its 100 times foaming, Basotect has potential in a broad range of applications, from industrial parts to general goods.


This material, leveraging the flame resistant properties unique to melamine resin, passes a variety of flame resistance tests, including UL-94 V0, Airplane Endurance Test

Lightweight, Heat Insulation, Sound Absorbing
Because Basotect is super light foam has been foamed 100 times is original size and has exceptional insulation properties, it offers a lightweight solution for automotive and aircraft heat insulation and sound absorption that had previously been unavailable.

High Heat Resistance
Able to withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius.

High Water Absorption
With an elaborate cell structure, it has excellent water absorption properties.


Insulation materials
air compressors / refrigerator compressors / other

Sound absorption materials
air conditioners / refrigerators / microwaves / printers

Ceiling materials:
automobiles / airplane / homes

Absorbing materials
media such as stamp pads or perfume

cleaners / flower holder in Ikebana flower arrangement


Silicone-Free Polyurethane Microcellular Elastomer – CELLDAMPER

A contaminant-free polyurethane microcellular elastomer, this product is a polyurethane microcellular elastomer without silicone that has an open-cell structure with low pollution. Provided in a wide range of hardness, it has excellent damping characteristics and serves well as a buffer to reduce vibration.


CELLDAMPER Silicone-free
Silicone-free, low pollution environment-friendly material.<

Low Compression Set
Viable for long-term use due to its small compression set.

High Vibration Absorption
With a wide range of hardness and excellent damping characteristics, it is able to reduce vibration.

Low Combustion
Halogen-free, low-combustion foam (BF-500 UL94 HBF certified and other HBF qualified ?MVSS302 qualified)


Sealing material
For clean rooms and other contaminant sensitive locations.

Buffer material
For transport pallets.

Foot pad
For heavy equipment like vending machines.

Vibration damper
For heavy objects.


Acrylic Foam – Actack


Having Self-cohesive property (Self-tack)
Soft feeling and Flexibility / Less skin irritation

Excellent Light resistance
UV light discoloration resistance


Cushioning materials
For sports goods Shoe insole, Clothes Slip prevent cushion Buffers


New Foam Edge – TOMERUNDER


Excellent Cushioning Performance
Polyurethane Foam(New Foamedge) has good compression set relative to Rubber sponge to keep sealing property for long term.

Because of the surface skin of polyurethane, the water sealing, the Airsealing and Hydrophobic performance are greatly improred rather than the other sealing materials

Easy to Handling
Improved the elimination of labor for the installation comes from its Lightweight and Flexibility Firmly stick to substrate due to the spring characteristic of foam materials.


Water sealing materials
For the bridge and cushioning.

Sealing materials
For Civil and Building Industry.

Cushioning materials
For sports goods


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