Filtering for all Occasions


INOAC’s Moltofilter product exhibits excellent characteristics and is used in numerous applications. Moltofilter is used for automobile, farm equipment, and home appliance filters, due to its excellent ability to capture dust, in office equipment parts, due to its durability and ability to meet application specific needs, and in home goods that require a soft touch. These are polyurethane foam filters with a completely open cell structure created through special processing. We offer the MF series, which is ester-based polyurethane foam, and the CF series, which is ether-based polyurethane foam.


Filtering property
With its three-dimensional structure, high porosity, and completely open cell structure, polyurethane foam achieves low pressure loss and high dust capturing efficiency, thereby easily outperforming other filter materials.

Cell size is selectable depending on the application
With the complete elimination of membrane, our filters possess cells of uniform size. We offer a broad range of cell sizes, from 8-80 cells per 25mm.

Excellent chemical resistance
We offer the MF series for applications that require oil resistance, and the CF series for water resistance (heat and moisture resistant).

Easy to handle
Same as the general products of Colorfoam and Moltopren, besides the general processing of horizontal slicing, vertical and die cutting, complex forms are also possible using special equipment.

After washing with water and neutral detergents


Home appliances

  • Air conditioner filters
  • Vacuum cleaner exhaust filters
  • Air purifier filters
Cosmetics/Sanitary Goods

  • Makeup puffs
  • Eye shadow tips
  • Body cleaner
Daily Necessities

  • Kitchen cleaners
  • Paint roller
  • Blush

  • Air bed cores
  • Mattresses with high air permeability
  • Pillow cores
Acoustic Products

  • Speaker grills
  • Headphone ear pads
  • Microphone covers
Office Equipment / Precision Equipment

  • Computer temperature regulator filters
  • Copy machine toner rollers
  • Copy machine toner auxiliary bag filters
Agriculture & Marine Resources

  • Hydroponics beds
  • Filters for drying seaweed
Industrial Equipment/Industrial Materials

  • Portable generator engine filters
  • Lawnmower filters
  • Industrial air conditioner filters
Transportation Equipment

  • Charcoal canisters
  • Master bag filters

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