Bridge spanning pipe AIPOLY guard

Innovation and Action

This pipe is high- density polyethylene pipe with insulation for preventing pipes from freezing in cold areas.




Extrusion molding technology and urethane foaming technology



By wrapping hard foaming polyurethane with heat insulation on the high-density polyethylene, freezing of liquid in the pipe can be prevented.

Weather resistance

By adding carbon black, deterioration of pipes due to ultraviolet rays is suppressed and outside open piping enabled.


The welding part between pipes and fittings is integrated due to EF welding (electric fusion)/butt welding and thus, high airtight can be kept.

Easy construction

It is lighter than metal pipes and thus it is easy to handle.Long pipes are supplied depending on its size, which leads to the easy-construction.

Quake resistance

Polyethylene pipe has a high flexibility and thus can not be cracked by earthquake.

Application Examples

Wheel guard on side piping
wheel guard under piping
Beam piping
Irrigation channel piping

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