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CELLDAMPER is a foamed polyurethane elastomer developed for anti-vibration material to reduce oscillation. It is used in various fields such as civil engineering related, machine tools, and automotive fields due to its superior anti-vibration performance which was not able to achieve with the traditional foam.




Compounding and polyurethane foaming technologies


Excellent anti-vibration

Reduces vibration by excellent damping effect.

Low compression set

Since compression set is small, it can be used for a long-period of time.

Clean material

Silicone- and sulfur-free clean material

No rubber odor

Since it is a polyurethane foam, there is no rubber odor at all. It can be placed where no odor is desirable.


CELLDAMPER passed flame retardancy standards in various fields.


Block molding and mold molding can be selected.

Application Examples

Vibration proof for constrution (Wet floating floor construction method)
Anti-vibration for large machine
Anti-vibration for plumbing
Anti-vibration for MRI
Anti-vibration for water hammer
Anti-vibration for water hammer