Cold storage agent

Innovation and Action

This is a must-have item for delivery of fresh products directly to consumers. Transportation at a wide range of temperatures (refrigerated, frozen) can also be accommodated.




Heat & Temperature


Compounding technology


Maintains freshness

Optimal for cold transportation of frozen food.When used in combination with dry ice, frozen transportation of ice cream is also possible.(See temperature grade and test result materials.)


Six temperature grades are available, from a melting point of 0oC to -25oC, enabling a wide range of temperature control.The gel has a different color for each grade, so it is easily identifiable.(See temperature grade and test result materials.)An abundance of types are available, from highly durable plastic containers to mat-type products.

Cost reduction, environmental friendliness

Reusable cold gel packs reduce costs.Environmentally friendly natural materials are used for the gel contents.(A food additive type and an industrial gel type are also available.)

Option function

An antibacterial type that takes hygiene into consideration is also available. (Made-to-order)

Application Examples