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CUSPA is a molded item made of silicon rubber sheet. It has good thickness precision. Hardness, thickness and colors can be selected. Silicon rubber is clean material and it is processed by INOAC's precise molding technology. It is suitable to use in electronic field which requires cleanliness and precision.




Mixing and molding technologies


Variation of thickness

Thickness is from 0.1 mm to 6 mm (The thickness depends on grade). Sheet's thickness variation starts from 0.1 mm.


Hardness 20 to 70 and corresponds to a wide range of hardness.

Double-sided tape processable

Can be attached directly to the rubber layer as adhesion process.

Application Examples

For a buffer seal material for liquid-crystal panel's bezel
For a packing material for water sealer of electronic equipment
For a cushioning material for an optical instrument's monitor