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FOLEC is an eco-friendly polyolefin rolled foam sheet of microcell structure without any chemical foaming agents.




Compounding and foaming technologies


Thermal insulation, cool reserving and heat resistance

Excellent in thermal insulation and cool reserving (Thermal conductivity: 0.032 W/m K)Excellent in heat resistance (Microwave-safe)Application example: cool reserving bags

Environment, safety and health

Low VOC, no odor, meets Food Sanitation Act in Japan (The Ministry of Welfare #370) and low stimulation to the skin (FDA/ISO10993, USA)

Waterproofing and dustproofing

Excellent in waterproofing (equivalent to IPX8 )Excellent in dustproofing (equivalent to IP6)High-airproofing as micro closed cell structureApplication example: sealant for tablet

High-impact absorption

Excellent in impact absorptionFlexible and low-warpApplication example: impact absorption tray

Moisture permeability, waterproofing and oil absorption (open cell structure)

Excellent in moisture permeability and waterproofing (not through water, but through air and vapour only)Excellent in oil absorptionApplication example: moisture permeability and waterproofing sheet


Possible to vacuum forming, heat fusing and welder fusing.Can be printed on the surface because it is made of microcell.Easy to laminate with polyolefin materials.Application example: printed bags

Application Examples

Cool reserving bottle cover
Clean cold resistance tray
Base for both sides tape
Impact absorption of smartphone and keyboard
Moisture permeability, waterproofing, and thermal insulation vest
Vacuum forming tray