Hot water floor heating

Innovation and Action

Hot-water floor heating system using cross-linked polyethylene pipe with flexibility, easy-construction and durability can reduce connection parts: being almost free from fear of water leakage will give a user a long-term sense of safety.




Heat & Temperature


Extrusion molding technology


Labor saving

Achieved labor saving due to reducing connection parts drastically by way of increasing panel size.

Light weight

Achieved weight reduction to half of the conventional type (copper/woody type): easy to deliver and carry out construction works.


It is made from cross-linked polyethylene with excellent durability and thus can be used with confidence in the long term.By connecting with the same pipe in a row, connection parts can be reduced, leading to the reduction of the risk for leakage trouble drastically.


Wide range of lineup includes from headers to panels. Systematization can be realized by combining optimal floor heating types in accordance with its use.

Application Examples

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