Instrument panels

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Instrumental panels are the most eye-catching automotive interior and multitask as they have to fulfill various requirements such as airbag safety, user-friendliness, weight-saving for fuel efficiency, and eco-friendliness. Instrumental panels are one of our core product categories, and we make every effort to satisfy customer needs with our state-of-the-art technologies and information collected from our global networks.




Lightweight | Shock


Molding technologies: injection molding: polyurethane foaming, vacuum foaming and powder slush molding



We focus on cost, quality, and weight-saving while maintaining high decorative quality of design by choosing proper materials of thermoplastic and thermosetting and applying latest technologies.

High quality, luxury

We offer high-quality and luxury instrument panels that have soft texture produced by polyurethane injection molding with our superb decoration techniques of sewing, plating, and coating.

Safety performance meeting customers' demands

With our expertise in manufacturing seamless airbags, we are able to meet the demands for high safety performance, quality design, and cost efficiency.

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