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Due to special compounding, AQUACOULER has smooth texture and high water permeability. It has outstanding air permeability of approximately 20 times and better heat radiation compared with conventional foam so that it can prevent drawback of moisture fills in mattress. Selection of hardness available.




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Compounding and polyurethane foaming technologies



Thanks to special compound, AQUAcouler has smooth texture and high water permeability. it has outstanding air permeability of about 20 times of general-purpose foam and better heat radiation so that it can prevent getting stuffy. In addition, selection of hardness is available.


Salabright has "moisture absorption and desorption" that absorbs moisture under high humidity condition and releases moisture at standard condition. It is also a "high-touch form" of touch feeling like a latex. Compared with our general-purpose urethane foam and polyester cotton, it has hygroscopicity of about 10 times, and its characteristics are maintained even when used repeatedly.


SMASHLY is a material that feels like a spring with outstanding rebound resilience. By processing the surface layer, a higher spring effect can be obtained. It also has obtained approval of stringent European standard for the safety of polyurethane products for the first time as Japanese product.


It is a new material that feels like a human skin.Moist and fluffy, reproducing the warmth of soft human skin as follows 3 features.Moist feeling…Moist and smooth feeling like a human skin.Marshmallow touch…Fluffy and light touch.Fit support…Famny enfolds the body moderately.

Application Examples

AEROFLOW mattress (famny)
Stuffing of AEROFLOW mattress (famny)
Deluxe mattress by HUKLA (SMASHLY)
AEROFLOW pillow (famny)
Stuffing of AEROFLOW Pillow (famny)