Innovation and Action

This is a stable continuous porous material created by extracting the nucleating agent that becomes cells. Cell size can be controlled freely. Water is used for extraction, and no organic solvents are used in the manufacturing process, making it an environmentally friendly product.




Compounding technology, molding technology


Permeability stability

Liquid permeability suited to the specific use can be obtained by controlling cell diameter.In addition, because the cell sizes are the same, liquid permeability is stable.


Changing the sizes of cells makes it possible to capture various foreign matter.

Solvent- and chemical-resistant

MAPS has an olefin material base, and utilizes superior solvent and chemical resistance.

Low-dust generation

Proprietary compounding technology and manufacturing methods are used to createa low-lint, low-dust-generating material.

Application Examples

Filter for dyeing pad(Stable Liquid Permeability / Chemical resistance / Abrasion resistance)
Stamp material for stampin(Fine cell / Ink resistance / Durability)
Filter(Filtation / Low-dust generation)
Sponge for application Chemical resistance / Solvent resistant / Low-dust generation / Durability)
Absorbent (Water absorbency)