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It is a high expansion silicone foam: excellent in heat/cold resistance and low combustibility.


Low compression set

This product has an overwhelmingly low compression set compared with other foaming materials and has a high resiliency against long-term compression. Accordingly, it is widely used as sealing application such as water-proof and dust seals.

Heat/cold resistance

Exhibits stable physical properties under minus temperature or high temperature over 100 centi degrees.

Low combustibility

Certificated UL94 to V-0 and Low-combustible standards related to Railway and Airplane Regulations.*See catalog for details.

Weather resistance

It withstands any severe environmental conditions such as exposed to UV and rain.

Application Examples

Electronics battery cushioning
Office Aplliance Drum unit buffer
Automotive Fuel Tank heat insulation cushioning
Solar Pannel Water sealing
Spacer for railway vehicle