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This is a cold transport container with high heat insulation capacity and light-blocking properties.






Processing ntechnology


Thermal and cold insulation.

A composite of an aluminum surface and polyethylene foam is used as the outer skin material, reflecting sunrays and providing superior thermal and cold insulation.

Tensile strength

INOAC's proprietary reinforcement materials are used, adding 100 kg or more of tensile strength (vertical and horizontal) to the outer skin material. The box type has been designed to strengthen the handle portion, which receives the most force, to withstand tensile forces of up to 50 kg.


Four standard types are available: A, B, C, and S. (They are always in stock, so orders can be filled immediately.)Special-order sizes and shapes are available starting with a single product.

Cold insulation effect

Combined use with the optimal cold gel pack for transportation of refrigerated goods provides stronger cold insulation.

Compact design

It is extremely compact and can be folded up when not in use.No storage space is needed in truck cargo holds or warehouses.


Dirt on the surface can be wiped off with water or a neutral detergent, making it possible to use it in a clean state.

Application Examples

Simple shipping container for refrigeration
Cooling transport container for large volume e.g., for supermarkets use

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