Innovation and Action

AZOTE and ZOTEK are both closed cell cross-linked polyolefin and engineering thermoplastic polyamide foam without using chemical blowing agent, uses a high-pressure nitrogen gas solution manufacturing process.


Clean materials

PE-LITE Z is clean material of low VOC and low outgas without using any chemical blowing agent. The method of supercritical nitrogen gas foaming produces very low outgas, formaldehyde, sulfur or ammonia such as siloxane. It is trustworthy to use for precision instruments such as sick building syndrome countermeasures and electronic circuits.

Heat resistant

PE-LITE Z excels in shape stability by heat.

Light weight

PE-LITE Z has a uniform cell structure with regular cell walls which gives the foams their consistent and isotropic mechanical properties. When compared with chemical blowing polyethylene foam in same density, PE LITE-Z has more physical strength. In other words, your products can become lighter by using PE-LITE Z.

Application Examples

Shock absorber for attache case
Artificial arm prosthetic leg
Tray for fruit
ETC bar
Life jacket

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