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Block type of products are foamed objects of block shape, it is foamed from 5 times to 30 times by resin of Polyolefin group. Thickness of the products is from 30 mm to 100 mm. Size of the products is based on a 1-m square and 1 m x 2 m. There are many grades for this products which have various hardness and feel by selection of foaming magnification or resin. Sheet roll type of products are foamed objects like long sheet, continuous foamed from 10 times to 40 times by resin of Polyolefin group. PE LITE is material with great durability, thermal insulation, flame retardant, conductivity, other high functions and thermoforming.


Material with excellent durability

There is no deterioration due to water or light. PE-LITE especially has excellent chemical resistance to acid and alkali compared with other materials. It is repeatedly usable material in the long term.Water resistanceWeather resistanceChemical resistanceAbrasion resistance

Thermal insulation

PE-LITE is thermal insulation, which blocks heat from outside and does not lose heat inside of places the material is used.

Low combustibility

As using a special material and making by special method, some features which standard products do not have are added as follows: high ball rebound, heat resistance and flame retardancy.PE-LITE meets diverse kinds of low combustibility specifications as follows:- Burning Test of Material for Rolling Stocks (A-A Standard)- UL-94 HF-1FMVSS302


Conductive PE-LITE has low electrical resistance value by adding high concentration carbon black to resin of polyolefin group (10 times to 30 times of foamed products available).* Ordinary polyolefin foam tends to be tinged with static electricity and is not suitable for shock absorbing material of the electronic industrial parts because it generally has very strong electrical insulation property.

High functional

Special resins or particular production methods are used for foaming PE-LITE. These give PE-LITE unique functions as follows which general foams do not have.High elasticityAntibacterial effectShock absorbing effect (cushioning)Flexibility


PE-LITE can be molded in diverse shapes due to thermoplastic resin property.

Application Examples

Pipe cover
Shock absorber for cart for transporting automotive parts
Gasoline tank cover
Cushion for helmet

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