PU foaming light weight banking method Foam Light M

Innovation and Action

This construction method is to foam hard urethane resin, "Foam Light M" with a necessary quantity, depending on land forms or civil engineering structures in contraction sites.




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Urethane foaming technology


Light weight

The density with 36 kg/m3 is 1/50 compared with that of sand and this ultra light weight can realize a drastic load alleviation of the earth pressure.


Cost-saving is possible due to foaming only a necessary amount at construction sites.


It is safety because the foamed body is integrated and has no connection part or seam; it is also flexible to match with any bank or foundation.

Easy construction

Easy construction: No need of large‐scale construction equipment, allowing human-powered construction.

Cost effective

More economical construction of structure can be realized because of its light weight; No need of foundation work or improvement work that used to be required.

Adherence property

One of the benefits of the product is self adhesiveness and thus able to make a foam which is strongly adhered to an object in the hardening process.

Application Examples

Prevention of ground subsidence for banking construction.
Load alleviation against structures.
Cushioning materials against falling rocks.
The decrease of the earth pressure for retaining structures.
The banking construction for steep slopes.

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