PureCell® UC

Innovation and Action

PureCell is eco-friendly thin roll sheet made of polyurethane foam which has uniformly micro sized cell structure. The properties are weather resistance, anti-yellowing, hydrolysis resistance and shock absorption. In addition to those, it is extremely accurate in thickness (from 60 µm to 1500 µm). Accordingly, it can be used in a wide range of applications, mainly electoronics fields to utilize the properties.




Comfort | Vibration | Sealing | Shock | Others


Compounding and foaming technologies


Micro cells

Half-open cell structures. Cell size: 30 to 100 µ.


Approximately 1/4 of standard ether-polyurethane foam

High strength and elongation

Shock absorption is maintained even in low temperature due to the temperature dependence property.

Weather resistance, color stable

Superior in weather resistance and anti- yellowing

Temperature independence

Temperature independence even in a low condition.

Application Examples

Facial pack