Road joint

Innovation and Action

These joints are used in bridges for expressways and local streets, and absorb deformation caused by changes in temperature and earthquakes, etc. In addition, they prevent rainwater, etc., from dropping from the joint to the lower part of the bridge.




Vibration | Sealing


Mixing and molding technologies



Cure adhesion forming of rubber and metal provides superior durability.The metal portion maintains joint strength, and the rubber bellows structure absorbs thermal shrinkage, enabling long-term use in severe environments.

Correspond to each size

The basic shape and cross-section are the same, and terminal structures suited to the bridge’s width are available.

Different shape design

The basic materials and product specifications are the same, making it possible to accommodate design of the form of the rubber portion to match the structure, size, and dimensions of the bridge.

Delivery results

The product has been used in many applications, including the Shuto Expressway.

Application Examples

Road joint

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