Rubber ring (packing for water supply and sewage)

Innovation and Action

This rubber ring is used as a vibration-resistant coupling for ductile pipes. Because there is a certain amount of space between pipes, its structure allows it to stretch, contract, and bend in response to the tectonic shifting of earthquakes. INOAC is a member of the Japan Ductile Iron Pipe Association and the Rubber Ring Association, and has engaged in manufacturing and sale of its products for half a century. In response to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, INOAC developed a rubber ring having a new vibration-resistant pipe structure to serve as a countermeasure against earthquakes.




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Mixing and molding technologies



A half-century track record of production and construction as well as research and development as a member of the Rubber Ring Association’s Technical Committee resulted in the development of superior durability and resistance to long-term degradation.We have prescribed a compound that thoroughly takes into consideration the durability and resistance to long-term degradation of rubber rings.


We manufacture and sell a variety of types of rubber ring, ranging from ductile iron pipes for water supply, to application in sewage pipes and agricultural water pipes, etc.We also offer new vibration-resistant pipe structure rubber rings that provide peace of mind even in Japan with its many earthquakes.


A variety of sizes are available, from small apertures of 20 or 30 centimeters to large apertures of a few meters, including die molding, extrusion, joining, and feed molding.In addition, lock rings and other peripheral components for rubber rings are also available.

Safety for drinking water

A specialized compound that ensures safety is utilized in the rubber used as water supply packing that comes into direct contact with drinking water.

Application Examples

Rubber ring (Packing for water supply and sewage)
Rubber ring (Packing for water supply and sewage)

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