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SEALFLEX Mold is a semi-open cell-type rubber sponge sealing part, which is made of INOAC's unique foaming technology. It has outstanding structure intensity such as tearing strength. It has also good cushioning and weather and chemical resistance. Due to these features, it can be used in many fields such as housing, civil engineering, automotive, electric goods, and so on.




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Mixing and molding technologies


Outstanding durability, weather, moist and heat resistance

Excels in weather and heat resistance, and durability.

Low hardness and low resilience

It is soft and easy to compress due to its low hardness and low resilience, and applicable to a wide range of sealing usage.

Water and air tightness, heat insulation

It has water and air tightness, thermal insulation because its structure is microcell and has skin on surface.

Continual endless molding

Bobbin wound type available due to continuous endless molding.

Application Examples

For a water & air seal material for roof, outer wall, and window and its surroundings
For a seal material for car's window
For a seal material for car's door
For a thermal insulation and air tightness material for vending machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, a freezer for business.

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