THERMAX (super flame retardant)

Innovation and Action

INOAC-THERMAX is PIR (polyisocyanurate foam) thermal insusulator with flame retardant, high performance heat insulation and water resistace. THERMAX holds its shape even while burned for 5 minutes at 1200℃.




Urethane foaming technology and compounding technology


Super flame retardant

Thermax with an oxygen index of 26% prevents melting during combustion and forms a carbonized layer.→Refer to related video

Flame retardant standard certification (S3)

US :ASTM E84, NFPA 255, UL723 classBEU : EN13501-1 CChina : GB-8624 B2

Heat Insulation (S3)

S3 is expected to have a high heat insulating property as well as a radiation effect, which has aluminum foil as its surface material.Thermal conductivity: 0.020w/(m・k)

Application Examples

Installed to plant ceiling as built-in insulator of folded-plate structure.

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